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 This website provides information about my practice of Chinese medicine, where I focus on bodywork, herbs, meditation and chi kung. It is a simple site. There are no pop-up ads or shopping carts. Also, no facebook, twitter, fritter or zee.



Within these pages you will find information about my practice and how I approach healing. The common theme throughout this professional and personal life is following and living a Taoist path. My interpretation of a Taoist lifestyle is simple: follow the natural way of things. We can see this in nature, the flow of a river, the growth of a tree.  There is a natural way of of healing, too.  Bodywork uses touch to facilitate healing. There is a natural way of herbs, using plants, roots and seeds to support body, mind and spirit. There is also a natural way to meditate and cultivate internal energy. Simple



As we explore through these and other methods, we learn about the healing process. We also learn about the natural way, which can then be applied to each and every thing in our lives: parenting, aging, exercise, diet, work, relationships. I've recently fallen in love with exploring the natural way of kayaking on the Willamette River. This website is an exploration of the natural way to communicate via the Internet.



In classical China, physicians were trained in a range of energetic modalities: acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, feng shui (geomancy, place, space), astronomy/astrology (cycles of time), diet, exercise, martial arts, poetry. Today, physicians, whether allopathic or alternative, have become specialized professionals, excelling in detail, sometimes lacking a larger, holistic view of the human body, including our relationship to this amazing earth and universe. Exploring this over several decades has led to a much more simple approach:  listen, presence, awareness.



My approach to the practice of Chinese medicine is similar to the classical Chinese physician. I'm curious about the natural energetic flow, balance and harmony of all things. We can access these together through a variety of methods. Within these pages is more information about these simple ways.



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